Deer Park’s Kimora Jenkins gets her 1st D1 offer!!

We at iLuvBBall would like to congratulate class of 2020’s Kimora Jenkins of Deer Park high school on receiving her 1st D1 offer from Head Coach Lynette Woodard of Winthrop College! The Jenkins family have been long time supporters of iLuvBBall.com and are a the true embodiment of what our organization stands for. Kimora and the rest of the Jenkins fam give inspiration to their fellow Long Islander’s in that fact that if you put in the work and stay committed anything is possible. We look forward to seeing her receive many more offers and much more success to come.



Kimora was a past AABC All-Star Alumni and We’re sure that she will be a 2017 Member of the Girls All-Star Team for Alzheimer’s All-Star Basketball Classic All-Star Game on September 29th, 2017 at Oyster Bay high School. Don’t forget to save the date for the boys and girls tryouts on September 14th and 15th at Susas Sports Complex in Hauppauge!

LaVar Ball pulls team off the court after technical at AAU game

LaVar Ball got a technical foul and pulled his Big Ballers AAU team off the court in a bizarre scene Saturday at the Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament in California.


The playoff game was ruled a forfeit after Big Ballers left in the second half and Clutch Players Navy was awarded the win. Of note, Big Ballers was winning 69-60 at the time of the forfeit.

Ball was upset about a foul call and repeated, “That’s not a foul, that’s not a foul.” He then questioned the official’s manhood and used a profanity to describe the call.

After the call, you can see Ball wave toward his players, head toward the baseline and his players follow with their gear.

In a video from Overtime captured outside the gym, Ball says, “Not gonna have my guys playing hard and they cheating. I don’t play that … ”

Notice that as he heads out, a teen asks LaVar for a photo and he obliges the teen and a friend.

The UCLA coaches were on hand to watch LaMelo Ball, a UCLA commit and LaVar’s youngest son.

USA TODAY High School Sports reached out to Jeremy Nesbitt, the coach of Clutch Players. Nesbitt said he did not want to say much and get caught up in “the circus of everything.”

In an email, he said, “We appreciate all the attention that our game against the Big Ballers has brought to us. While we don’t agree with the one-sided videos his program has produced or agree that there was cheating going on, Mr. Ball is entitled to his own opinion.  I am proud of the way our boys competed, stayed focused, and respected the game.

“Thank you to David and Dana Pump for hosting the tournament and providing thousands of young men the chance to play this great game.”

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Over 40 Kids Tried Out and the Teams Are Now Set

When the promotion went out, the circumstances and even the people behind the tryout was vague to say the least. The only info that was provided was; 1. The team was sponsored, & 2 the level of competition that the team was going to play at.

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This MONDAY May 29th, 2017 come out to a FREE boys basketball tryout for a brand new sponsored team based out of Suffolk county.



We are looking for a few more SERIOUS BASKETBALL PLAYERS looking to play a very competitive travel basketball schedule and learn while you play.

Ages are between:

10 & 12U – can’t turn 13 before next August 2018

2PM-4PM on Memorial Day

Call for more info & to confirm attendance: 631-671-4285

281 Phelps Lane, N. Babylon, NY 11703
**Check-In/Walk-In Registration Starts at 3:30 PM**
Friday, May 26th 2017 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM



Fresh off the heels of our Unsigned Senior Showcase, the area’s ?hottest? Tournament of the ?Summer is back!

The 3rd Annual #iDtop4 Super Basketball Showcase Tournament! This tournament is the only one of its kind in the Tri-State area! … and guess what?! All the college coaches that attended the Unsigned Senior Showcase have been invited back, and some have already confirmed to come for the #iDtop4!!!! Register Now and hold your spot for 3 days of some hot competitive basketball and a great experience. For more information email info@iluvbball.com or call Rodini at 631-671-4285 or Mike at 917-776-5776.



What make’s the #iDtop4 Super Showcase SOOOOOO LIT!?

  1. prizes for spectators as well as players!
  2. Get featured on the Hottest site in the area…yeah that’s lit!
  3. Interviews before and after games by MSG & Verizon Fios producers!! Yeah we’ll make you famous!
  4. Hear your name announced before the games and get shout outs when you do something crazy! Yaaaas!
  5. Did I mention the prizes and Swag for everyone?
  6. Nike Elite Bags to MVP’s!
  7. Limited edition custom iLuvBBall Gear!
  9. $375 includes Ref Fees! NO REF FEES!!!
  11. For $125 more and you can get all your games taped!!!
  12. and last but not least…THE ULTIMATE BRAGGING RIGHTS!
  13. Oh and did I mention ALOT of PRIZES?!!

Big Jake get’s Double Double in Loss to Nike PSA Cardinals

April 1st, 2017-  Ardsley House of Sports

The 2nd Annual Havoc at the House was a big one. The game we’re reporting today is the Under Armour’s NYC Gauchos Clash with Nike’s PSA Cardinals at Ardsley House of Sports 15U division.

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Boys2Men Basketball AAU Tryouts

Formerly Open Season, the Boys2Men program is hosting their 2nd AAU tryouts on Monday March 13, 2017.

Where: Wyandanch Youth Center

20 Andrews ave. Wyandanch, NY

Though the name is new but this is the same program that won Las Vegas Fab 48 Semi Finalist at King James Classic, they beat elite teams and won elite events. Their proudest and most important accomplishment is that they’ve sent several student-athletes to college to continue their education and play ball at the next level. What they offer over these other programs is, stability and players that stay with and grow with this program will be successful.

Boys2Men players were battled tested and prepared to contribute and make an immediate impact on the College level. We promise that we will give you the maximum exposure needed and we compete on the highest level to provide our players the platform to be seen and grant them the opportunity to be recruited.

Here are some of the Boys2Men (formerly Open Season) Alumni:

  1. Prince Hickson currently plays for Philadelphia University for legendary Hall of Fame Coach Herb Magee. His  team won their Conference, totalled  won 20 games. 
  2. Sam Robinson helped his team earn a trip to the NCAA tournament
  3. Dimitri Thompson plays for Marywood University in Pennsylvania
  4. Patrick Jackson Southeastern Iowa D1 Juco projected D1 by Juco Scouting services
  5. Dana King Helped his team win Region XV and earn a trip to the National Championship in Minnesota

These are to name a few of the successful student-athletes that have come through their program. Come to their FREE TRYOUTS on Monday March 13th and make your own history.

Where: Wyandanch Youth Center

20 Andrews ave. Wyandanch, NY

Who are we looking for: Boys 9th through 12th grade

for more info please call 631-214-8446 or email Coach Kareem boys2menbasketball@gmail.com

follow them on Twitter @LIB2MBBALL


This college showcase event is only 2 weeks away! Don’t wait till the last minute to register because spots are limited and we have multiple

 College Coaches confirmed to attend.

Check out this video of past events and don’t sleep!


What is “Boys 2 Men” Basketball?

Boys 2 Men is a not-for-profit organization established in 2016. Their goal is to help prepare student athletes to become college athletes with a focus on time management, accountability, teamwork, responsibility, and community involvement.

Boys 2 Men is an Elite Long Island basketball program, formerly part of Open Season Youth Corp. Boys 2 Men is based out of Dix Hills New York. Our players come from all parts of Long Island. We play a national tournament schedule on the east and west coast. The main goal of our program is develop high school players and prepare them for the next level of basketball. Current and prospective participants will be required to turn in report cards and bi weekly progress reports and will be required to complete written and verbal assignments when traveling around the country prior to comprting. Participants must also perform community service such as park clean up projects, tutoring and mentoring of young athletes.

Mission Statement:

Providing high school athletes with the knowledge and skills to advance beyond the borders of the basketball court. Developing young men who will make a positive impact globally.

Program Goals:

Our goal is to provide a platform for local youth to display their talents in front of college coaches on a national level. With the hopes of them obtaining a free college education through scholarships.

Our long term goal is to become one of New York’s most dominant AAU basketball programs. Not only on the court but in community involvement and college level player production.

 Strengths and Weaknesses:

The program is operated by current college coaches with over 15 years of coaching experience at a high level. Over the years, they have made connections with college coaches all around the country at every divisional level. These coaches are confident when recruiting athletes that are to be nurtured in the Boys 2 men program.

Our challenge is a lack of financial support required to cover the associated travel costs to attend some of the nation’s premiere tournaments. Some of our players and their families simply don’t have the means to attend these events, which is a shame because every tournament is an opportunity for them to showcase their strengths as players and young men which could lead to a free education for them. And this is where we need your help.





FROM 6:30 – 8:30 PM


KG says “AAU has killed our league!”

Following the tone of Kobe Bryant among others, KG let it be known that he thinks “AAU has killed” the NBA. KG has never be known to have a filter when it comes to whatever comes out his mouth, and he certainly didn’t mince any words when he discussed AAU with Kevin McHale during an NBAtv inteview. Hear for yourself and see the passion in the man’s face! He feels a certain way alright. What do you think?

Who is Nigel James Jr.? #iLuvBBallPlayer2watch

Name: Nigel James Jr.

Height: 4’9″

School: Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School (Harborfields School District)

AAU Team: New Heights

Class of 2024


This 5th grader is a basketball prodigy in the making. I usually don’t do this but I had to stop and get the info on this kid.

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Keep and eye out for this young neophyte and remember where you saw him first.



He’s at it again, Deondre Bourne Summer 16 highlights

We’ve been following this kid since he was 12 years old and boy has he grown. The young Brooklyn guard is spreading his wings and doing big things in the city. Deondre has been an iLuvbball #player2watch for years and we are proud to see his progress. We were introduced to Deondre about 4 years ago when he was playing with the NY Black Mambas and like I said earlier he has grown and it shows in his progression to more and more basketball opportunities. He currently plays for The EYBL’s PSA Cardinals. Check out his highlight reel and don’t forget where you saw him first.


30 YEAR OLD Ringer!!!


30 year old player


South Sudan native, a star center for a Canadian high school basketball team, has been arrested and taken into custody after it was discovered that Johnathan Nicola, posing as a 17-year-old HS student, was in fact a 30-year-old man. Nicola was living with Central Catholic High School basketball coach Pete Cusumano on a student visa as part of the Canada Homestay program, per USA Today.Canada Border Services Agency obtained the evidence confirming the discrepancy in Nicola’s age, which was obviously a big problem for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, whose spokesman, Stephen Fields, iterated that fellow students were never at risk during Nicola’s tenure.Nicola’s student visa will likely be terminated following the Agency’s findings, but it’s still unclear whether there will be sanctions made against Central Catholic as a school or a basketball program. The following is a highlight reel of Nicola, who stands tall at 6-foot-9, 202 lbs.

article from The Source.com



Long Island Lions Travel team is looking for rising 5th/6th/7th/9th/10th grade players with experience playing competitive basketball or a desire to play at the top level and who are willing to play year-round basket-ball. Practice are held in Suffolk County. Tryouts are April 2nd, and April 9th, at Big Al’s Family Fitness 104 Merrick Rd. Amityville Ny, 11701. 5th/8am 6th/9am 7th/10am 9th/11am 10th/12pm There is a $15 Registration fee. For More info Contact (info@LiLions.org) or call 631.489.5082
SEND US YOUR TEAM INFO HIGHLIGHTS AND TRY-OUTS at Tryouts@iluvbball.com. Your tryout will then be evaluated and if it clears the graphic qualifications we will post your tryout on the site and share it via our social media platforms.
Come to our site for everything youth basketball.

Mike “Hybrid” Almonacy commits to Stony Brook!


“It’s a big deal, and the fact that it’s Stony Brook is an even bigger deal.”  is what coach Anthony Jimenez said. The head coach of the back-to-back long Island Champions and now close friend to the Almonacy family. The Coach Jimenez first met Mike and the Almonacy family in his gym during the middle school tournament. Where the players of all 4 middle schools would compete in the varsity gym for bragging rights and to audition for the possibility of one day playing for the JV and varsity coaches in attendance. Coach approached my wife and I and his words were “I would love to coach your son for the next 5 years of his high school career and if you allow me to coach him I will do everything in my power to make a fine young man out of him as well as a basketball player.” He then looked at Michael and said “I you decided accept my invitation to move up, You would be the first player that I’ve ever coached for 5 years”. At that point Michael was only in the 8th grade but he had no doubt that he could play varsity ball. He trained extensively at Basketball Results under the instruction of NBA trainer Jerry Powell so he possesed the tools to do what ever he envisioned.  That and the brutal AAU schedule he played made him battle tested and was ready to show the world what he could do. He paid his dues in the 8th grade and played a little that year. Then in his freshmen year Coach Jimenez felt confident enough to give him the keys to the car and if you’ve followed his career the rest was history.

MSGTruckShootDay2Oakland-1147Why Brentwood? At that point the basketball world was already buzzing about the young new prolific point guard from Brentwood. Everyone was coming to see if this was for real or was it just hype. The Brentwood Sonderling gym was all of- a- sudden the place to be for the basketball who’s who’s of Long Island. From the infamous Gary Charles A.K.A. the AAU godfather that discovered Kobe Bryant, mentored and even coached various other NBA and D1 players like; Lamar Odom, Speedy Claxton, AJ Price, Mike James, Charlie Villanueva, & Rafer Alston to name a few. Another big name to grace the Brentwood gym was the NYC basketball legend college scout Tom Konchalski. Perhaps the greatest celebrity to come to the gym was Mitch Kupchac himself! All the Long Island basketball royalty 1 time or another made their way into the Green house to experience the “Showtime”. The Brentwood gymnasium aptly renamed the “green house” due to the school teams color and the incredibly uncomfortable climate change from the capacity filled, standing room only,  & very loud environment you’d experience once you entered the doors during a Brentwood boys varsity game. So when you ask why Brentwood? the answer was simple. Why Not? The history was there, the school history was rich with culture and the winning culture. So our way of thinking was If he’s good enough to play anywhere, why not win at home? After all that’s the greatest victory of all. To win where you come from. In front of your own family, friends, and fans. Win where it matters. Where you grew up playing. Give you’re neighborhood a hero then touch. Someone they can relate to. Someone they kids can look up to.  Michael along side his cast of all-star team mates did just that. He took Brentwood on his back and represented. He played because he loved basketball, he loved his family, and he loved the Wood Nation.


For Mike the recruiting process was frustrating and tiresome.  We visited several colleges but what he insisted on was that he wanted to go where he was loved and where he was going to play right away. What made Michael so appealing to coaches was his poise and he displayed leadership. Nothing seemed to faze him in the game. He knew when to shoot, and when to pass, and most importantly enjoyed playing tough defense and making big shots when they were needed. Michael had multiple schools that expressed interest but of them all Stony Brook seemed like the only one that wasn’t playing games. He felt good from the first time he visited the campus and he loved the fact that it was a very reputable academic institution. So when he decided to commit at the end of his junior year it was no surprise.