Re-Class or Not?


In recent years the NCAA has been relentlessly pursuing student athletes who are transferring from NJCAA, i.e. Junior Colleges and being admitted on scholarships to NCAA Division 1 and NCAA Division 2 Colleges and Universities.  Specifically, the NCAA is cracking down on the student athletes who have graduated from high school after attending high school for more than 4 years. Students who take 5 years to graduate from high school, are considered to have taken a Prep Year, i.e. the 5th Year is considered to have been a Prep Year or Post Grad Year, and therefore, if that student graduated and then attended a Post Grad Academy, that 6th year is considered as 1 Year or Organized Play, and therefore counts towards your 4 Years of Eligibility to Play NCAA Div 1 and 2.

Most Students will never be faced with this issue until their last year at the Junior College, and while they are being recruited to play NCAA D1 ball. Most D1s will not consider you any longer, once compliance indicates that your are in a “grey area”, unless you are a pure stud that could help their program right then. In most cases NCAA D1’s are looking to recruit Junior College graduates with 2 years of eligibility remaining, not 1. NCAA Div 2 schools will probably take you, beccause they know that you are a NCAA Div 1 player, but who can’t play on that level only because you have 1 year of eligibility left.  But you still can only play for them for 1 year.

Therefore, unless you negotiate a 2 year deal to play 1 year with the NCAA Div 2 College, you will be sitting at home your Senior year, trying to figure out how to pay for college for your senior year.

So, the Moral of the Story is that you first graduate from high school in 4 years, immediately take your post grad year, and then head to college. If it has taken you 5 years to graduate from high school, even if normal such as in Canada, then you must go directly into college and not a Post Grad Academy, and if you are an international player coming from Australia, and you graduated in December 2016, you must start Post Grad in January 2017, and then head to college in the Fall 2017. If you don’t head to college that same year,you must end playing Post Grad that Fall, by December 2017 at the latest.

If you graduated high school in December 2016, and then went to a post grad basketball academy in the Fall, say September for that entire year, thinking this is your prep/post grad year or “gap year”, you are incorrect, and the NCAA will take an entire year of college eligibility from you, which will scare off NCAA D1 schools.

Please Note, that your clock begins to run, 1 year after graduation from high school, no matter whether you go to college or post grad or not. So, you need to be focused on graduating from high school in 4 years, and attending post grad school, and then going off to college. If you took 5 years to graduate from high school, more than likely you are not a D1 Qualifier and you will need to go a JUCO immediately. On the alternative level, if you don’t have any JUCO offer at this point, and you are graduating from high school a Post Grad Year is probably wise, so you can get yourself ready to play JUCO, as well as get you a scholarship to attend one. Most importantly you cannot sit at home and do nothing, as you clock is indeed running. The older you get opportunities to play NCAA 1, and 2 begins to fade, and NAIA and NCAA Div 3 will become your only options.

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