Rookies Show Off New NBA Unis

The top NBA Rookies took part in what has become an annual tradition in the NBA offseason. The top picks from the NBA Draft assembled in New York for the annual NBA Rookie Photo Shoot. There we got a good idea for the look and feel of the new Nike Uniforms from virtually every NBA team. Some teams went with drastic changes like Indiana, while most had minor style of font changes.

Besides the Nike Swoosh on all the uniforms except for the Charlotte Hornets, which have owner Michael Jordan’s Icon Jumpman logo, the only major change will be the addition of corporate sponsors on some of the team uniforms. While some thought this would “cheapen” the look of the NBA Uniform, most are almost seamless and doesn’t real distract from the main uniform. Teams with Sponsor Logos include the Boston Celtics – GE, the Cavs – Goodyear, Denver Nuggets – Western Union, the Pistons – Flagstar Bank, Milwaukee Bucks – Harley Davidson, the Orlando Magic – Disney (fitting), the 76’ers – StubHub, Sacramento Kings – Blue Diamond [Almonds], Toronto Raptors – Sun Life (financial services), and the Utah Jazz – 5 for the Fight (a cancer fundraiser) .

Check out this video of the NBA Rookies showing off their new digs.

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