Reading about Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and the like is one thing; experiencing it firsthand is another! This is exactly what Alzheimer’s All-Star Basketball Classic [aka the AABClassic] founder Gordon Thomas aims to have the players picked to be All-Stars in his Alzheimer’s All-Star Basketball Classic understand – their’s more to this particular game, than bouncing the ball and putting it in the hoop!

This is the 8th Annual All-Star game and the teams have been selected. Now it’s time to show them what they’re playing for. The date for the Alzheimer’s awareness night is Monday October 25th at 7pm. The location is Oyster Bay Manor – 150 South St. Oyster Bay, NY

At this event all players are invited to experience a Virtual Dementia Tour, by putting on equipment which simulates what an Alzheimer’s patient goes through on a daily basis. This in turn shows them to have compassion and for and creates the awareness needed to help combat this disease that has no prejudice.


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