The Hamptons Was “LIT” this Saturday. While some were at the beach, others were at BBQ’s, iLuvBBall was in the Building at the state of the art facility called the SYS Sports complex.


There were 4 divisions, 22 teams, over 264 players, 500 spectators, 48 custom iLuvBBall championship shirts, and 4 BIG trophies on the line this hot Saturday afternoon at in the state of the art sports complex. The games were good, we got to see the familiar faces, and some good ones! This event was hosted by Nick Thomas of the LI Elite and Claude Ellis of Suffolk Hoyas(seen in picture below).




The Hamptons is not usually known for basketball, but this weekend they wanted to let it be known that the East end Balls, and not just in the club. iLuvbball was in the building and we had a front row seat on all the action. Here’s the recap.

In the 12 U division the Champions were the Mountaineers,  a group out tough minded individuals that work well as a team. The proof is in the pudding because they took down a tough “Team Purpose” squad by 10 points. Just goes to show that in basketball you have to have amnesia because who would’ve thought that earlier that day they lost to the same team by 20 points!


The 14U Division was a 10 point win by the Titans Program as they stayed in the drivers seat for the whole game against a very good Boys and Girls club of Bellport. Congrats to the Titans, a name you’ll be hearing a lot of in the future.


The 16U Division was an iLuvBBall regular from the #idTop4 tournament M5 Elite Guardians vs. another #idTop4 champion the Hampton’s hometown favorite LI Elite. Both teams went into the championship game Undefeated, but this battle of titans was a no contest as the Guardians led the Elite team from wire to wire and won easily by 15 points. Congrats to the M5 Guardians.


and now the Big League game. The high School Varsity Division. This was a good one!! And it was a brief preview of 2 Suffolk county heavyweights from Section XI! Longwood Lions vs. William Floyd Colonials. This was a back and forth game of pride and character. Both teams were very well coached and were very athletic. Like the 12U game the loser came back for revenge and you what they say about revenge, it’s best served cold. The Floyd boys took total advantage of the sleeping Lion’s earlier on in the day and won the first game by 8. But Longwood took care of business for the rest of the day and made it to the championship game to exact revenge on their nemesis. In the end Longwood was the victor and took home the chip for the 1st Annual Hamptons Basketball Classic by an 8point win. It was fun to watch, great game from both teams. Congrats and good luck to the victors The Longwood Lions.




for the …

2nd Annual

Hamptons Classic 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017


for more info call 631-317-3006

iLuvBBall will be in the building!

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