The Amityville Warriors Take the “Remember Our Youth Summer League”

“Remember Our Youth Summer League” Recap.

Centennial Park Roosevelt, NY is the setting, and the atmosphere in the park is electric. On the outside of the fence that surrounds the stage that the game is set to happen fans aligned with anxious excitement  from Long Island and Queens to support their teams. It’s championship night in Roosevelt, Long Island and the “Remember Our Youth Summer League”  is at it’s apex. This league has been around for 15 years and it was founded by Terrell “Swinger” Holloway. When asked what was the inspiration to start this league, his answer was simple… “I wanted to give back”. For those of you that don’t know him, he is the father of former NBA and G-League pro Tu Holloway. Terrell said that “being that we from Long Island it’s only right that we give back to our city. He has been blessed through his son in basketball and felt that he had to give back to the community and since 2012, he has.

When asked who was the MVP of the game Swinger responded “I don’t give out MVP’s…I do MOP’s. Because I want to be different. and for the standout player I always give a Kajuan Polley Award because he was one of the kids that played in my league and I want to keep his name alive. I always give an award out in his name to keep him alive.  That award represents a special player in the tournament and most importantly keeps his name alive.”

That’s the background story of “Remember Our Youth Summer League” now lets get to the game. It was competitive game for the majority of the contest, then with 5 minutes left in the game the Warrior’s of Amityville started to pull away behind the tough play of “Kajuan Polley Award” recipient Eddie Calderone and the high powered scoring of iLuvBBall regular and Amityville’s single game scoring leader Josh Serrano. Though the 17 point win wouldn’t portray it, this was a very competitive & entertaining championship game as Swinger wouldn’t let it be anything less as he provides the color commentation during the contest.

Gordon Thomas‘ Amityville Warriors played Rosedale Elite in the Championship Game and they were triumphant. The Standout player of the game was Eddie Calderone and for this he received the honorary “Kajuan Polley Award”People in photos below: (From Left to right) league Founder Terrell “Swinger” Holloway, Eddie Calderone, mother of Kajuan Polley Jennifer Polley, Josh Serrano & father of Kajuan Polley, Juan Polley.   

The MOP (Most Outstanding Player) of the game was once again, Josh Serrano, who might I add is piling up these MVP awards (seen in photo below) receiving award for Remember Our Youth founder Terrell “Swinger” Holloway.



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